How to use the automatic machine?

Easy operation.

How to operate the automatic machine?

Machine operation procedure - Only 3 step. Exp.: EI-57 Machine

-1. Put the E lamination 1 pce each on the bobbin before place in the machine.

-2. Start to use the machine.

-3. Transformer completed in a short time.

-4. The EI Lamination core Qty on the Feeding EI slip Tower?

If your EI Lamination is big size, We suggest always to remain extra 1/3 - 1/2 Qty of E & I Lamination core material on the E & I storage Feeding slip tower. These Laminations weight will be helpful for press and fix the bottom single Lamination position to stack into the Bobbin smoothly, without the E or I Lamination shaking while stacking into the Bobbin.

For example, 1 unit completed transformer is required 100 pcs EI Lamination core qty.
Please put the min. 200 pcs EI Lamination core qty on the EI storage feeding slip towers before stacking. 1 UNIT TRANSFORER STACKING is required the min. 2 UNITS transformer EI Lamination Core material on the feeding slip towers.

How to operate the manual machine?