Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine Series :

TC-220T Wire cutting and stripping and twisting machine
for AWG #14 ~ AWG #32(Depend on wire spec. & material.)

About us & Wires Machine

Tops-mate is specialization in wire hardness processing machinery. Automatic WIRE/COAXIAL CABLE CUTTING & STRIPPING & TWISTING MACHINE Manufacturer/Designer since 1985.  

With a strong R&D and project upgraded and consolidated among years, our wire cutting stripping machines are high performance function, these machine offer the high working efficiency, accurate cutting & stripping & twisting effect with labor cost down. 
We offer the best product quality with customer satisfation, lowering the communication barriers, reply customers' inquiries and provide technical consulting support with accurate interpretation of your request.

Wire/Coaxial cable cutting/stripping machine are used to cut various type of wire/coaxial cable and flexble tubing to specific lengths. Our programmed LCD controller design to meet different wire/cables spec. demand. Machine are designed with fully automatic or semi-automatic to provide different precise cutting/stripping/twisting demand .......

We are using the high quality parts with Japanese and European / Asian designed machinical structure, easy and convenient operation/high quality key parts with hardness treatment......., all these to make machines with easy and fast performacne. Also, long product life of the machine operation without defect. 

Why select Tic?  several clients say : If you need machine, contact topsmate -  Tic is your tops mate. Topsmate is your best choice! We are your "topsmate", You are our "Topsmate."

-1. Sheathed cable/wire : inner with 2 wires or 3 wires or more

-2. Single core hard wire.

-3. Single core soft wire.

There are different types of wires/cables : 
-01. speaker cables/signal cable / electric AWG wire
-02. single -core electric wire
-03. single-core 1-strand electric wire
-04. single-core 7-strand electric wire (multi-core cable)
-05. single-core m-strand electric wire (multi-core)
-06. round flexible electric wire - 2/3/4/5 core (multi-core)
-07. round solid electric wire - 2/3/4/5 core (mult-core)
-08. flat electric wire - 2 core
-09. flat electric wire - 2 core+E
-10. flat electric wire - 3 core
-11. flat electric wire - 3 core+E
-12. PVC power cable / welding cable 
-13. welding cable / telephone cable / alarm cable
-14. RU coaxial cable / lan cable UTP/FTP cable 
-15  other wires/cables  
Wide range  wire / cable :
Copper conductor PVC insulated wire/flexible wire/PVC sheathed round wire/
  connector wire, Nylon Jacketed wire , PVC insulated control cable, Aerial Insulated cables.

We offer the different type of  Wire cutting and stripping machine for AC cable or DC wire or signal wires :  twisting machine ..Auto soldering or crimping machine........

Please inform your wire/core spec. for our recommend the suitable machine to make your cost down production and purchasing.