Automatic EI lamination Stacking Machine

Auto EI 66.7 machine

Automatic Machine Spec.

The EI lamination stacking machine sole manufacturer from Taiwan since 1972. High performance  machine. The best stacking machine for EI transformer.

1 click with easy operation.

HT5C lamination stacking machine  with new 6 designs :         

-1. Track Design.

-2. Slide Plate Design.

-3. Stopper Design.

-4. Transmission Device.

-5. Imported ordered made material with special coating.

-6. Imported Japan steel material with special coating, the 3 times of special hardness treatment. 

Speed/Per mins. : 
E-19 to E-25.4 = 350 pcs
EI-28 to EI-76.2 = 300 pcs.
EI-85.8 to EI-171 = 200 ~ 250 pcs.

Example : EI-66.7 Standard speed (Middle speed) around 272 pcs/Per min.
Avaialbe with higher speed as according the coils and EI thickness...