Yellow Handwheel Control Swivel Function

This stacking function can be used for extra needs:
Use the Yellow swivel wheel to stack the final EI core if needed.

Red Button function & 1st method of stacking

Red button with 2 functions available: (EI-171 machine.)

-01. Urgent stop. or Pause.

-02. Slow speed stacking.
At 52' of the above video - with slow stacking function.
The red button has the slow stacking function.
Operators can use this stacking function while it is needed.

-03. Adjust to increase stacking speed :
The EI machine controller is with speed adjustable function.

2nd method of Stacking EI without touching the EI lamination via Yellow Handwheel Swivel

-01. The 2nd operation method video to stack the
1st E lamination(1 piece each on right and left side) stack into the bobbin by Yellow
handwheel swivel control.
This video is to put the empty bobbin on the EI machine firstly,
Then use the Yellow swivel to stack the E lamination on the bobbin.
And, Then press the machine green button to start to use the auto stacking.

We suggest that you could try this different operation method, to find which stacking
a method is o.k. for your coils and bobbin and machine operator.

-02. The machine user is also o.k. to use hand to put 1 piece E lamination each on both sides of
the bobbin, before starting the auto stacking. - this 2nd method is also used by machine
And then to put this bobbin on the machine, press the Green button to start the automatic stacking.

  • Part No. #31 #32

    To adjust the position while using a different 035 ~ 0.50 mm thickness lamination Core.

  • Unscrewing

  • Adjusting

    The tolerance details 0.35 mm to 0.50 mm adjusting is easy and instruction will be stated in the operation manual.