This Paperboard Coil sample is not with 100% Square tube.

Please refer the other papaerboard coil stacking.

EI-105 Paperboard Coil Stacking Machine

*01. EI machine promotional video and EI-105 stacking video.

*02. From 0:30 - The paperboard coil has required the finger to press the paperboard coil sometimes, as this unit paperboard coil is not with 100% square tube sometimes after winding.

*03. The standard square quality coil does not need to use a finger to press the paperboard coil while stacking.

Automatic Machine Spec.
Long-term and reliable and  High-performance machines. The best machine for EI transformer manufacturer.

1 click with easy operation.
HT5C lamination stacking machine with new 6 designs :
-1. Track Design.
-2. Slide Plate Design.
-3. Stopper Design.
-4. Transmission Device.
-5. High-quality steel material with a special coating.
-6. Imported Japan steel material/parts with special coating, with 3 times special hardness treatments.

Speed/Per mins. :
E-19 to E-25.4 = 350 pcs
EI-28 to EI-76.2 = 300 pcs.
EI-85.8 to EI-171 = 200 ~ 250 pcs.

Example: EI-66.7 Standard speed (Middle speed) around 272 pcs/Per min.
Available with a higher speed as according to the bobbin coils and EI thickness...